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Hidradentitis Supportiva

My autoimmune Symptoms started at about 11 years old. It progressed showing symptoms of several different autoimmune issues.  My worst autoimmune is stage 3 hidradentitis suppurativa-a horrible skin disease.  I was in a lot of pain, could not sleep, constant fevers, the inability to lose weight.  I hid my condition for 15 years.  The dermatologist was not encouraging.   He prescribed antibiotics.  They worked for a few months to bring down problems down-fevers.  Then they came back.

   I have tried every diet, superfood, supplements, creams. I tried it all.  Nothing worked.  About 1 ½ years ago I stumbled upon a post in a forum.  A lady wrote about nightshades.   She wrote that she eliminated certain items from her diet and her autoimmune got better.  I eliminated nightshades and my autoimmune symptoms lessened but did not away.  So I looked into food eliminations working with lowering symptoms.  That is when I found the AIP.  The autoimmune protocol.

More strict than paleo.   No nightshades,  nuts and seeds, legumes, grains, sugar, gums, dairy and alcohol. I eliminated all these from my diet and in the last year in a half my HS went into remission. Within a few weeks my symptoms disappeared and within a few months I was completely healed.  

All my immunes issues are in complete remission.   For 20 years that was my way of life.   My scars are my reminder of what it was like to not be in remission.  I do not want to go back to it. 

 Never give up. 

 Hope is what kept me alive in my darkest moments.

The Body Never Attacks Itself

The body does not attack “itself”. This has always sounded ridiculous. Toxins, viruses, parasites can lodge into tissues of the body and cause the immune system to attack that tissue.   The body is a perfect design. We just have to give it the proper fuel and be aware of environmental toxins that pollute it. Once it’s damaged it may not be able to heal itself as it was designed to. Heal it while you still can.