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My Autoimmune Life Was Full of Wounds

Hydradentitus Supportiva

Me before remission

My autoimmune life was full of wounds. This is not something I enjoy talking about but if it helps just one person it will be worth it.  Hidradenitis Suppurativa in an inflammatory skin disease that develops into blisters or cyst like bumps all over the body.   These cysts can grow up to golf ball size. Sometimes even larger.  They can come in clusters and can make movement excruciating.  They can occur anywhere on the body but mostly occur where skin rubs together.  Under the arms for example.  The groin area.   Once they burst open they leave open wounds for weeks if not months.  If they heal at all.   These open wounds can leave tunnels or tracks under the skin making it harder to heal.   It can leave people bedridden in pain.  It is considered one of the most difficult diseases to live with.   The acute and chronic pain is accompanied by depression, anxiety and disability which all contribute to poor quality of life in individuals with HS.

I hid it for almost 15 years before I told my parents and then got diagnosed.  I developed it at 13 years old.   HS has made me who I am.  All I ever wanted was to be a normal guy who grew up, got married and have kids.  

Being bedridden much of my life has given me a lot of time to think.  I have worked on it with diet and certain strategies that I have put into place.  Remission is amazing. 

My scars.  Yes I do have scars.  Everytime I see the scars in the mirror it lets me know that I am not going back.   I am not going to go thru the constant pain and suffering ever again.   If I have to eat autoimmune paleo the rest of my life I am happy to do that.

Life After Remission

After remission

Why do we eat things that make us feel not optimal? Hyperpalatable foods are everywhere. You don’t have to live like this and you really shouldn’t.  If you eat something and don’t feel amazing-digestion issues, autoimmune issues, flares afterwards then don’t eat it.   Eat very basically.  I am a minimalist.  That is how I found remission.   I found found what my safe foods are and from there I added foods in.  I tried 1 food per week to see what I reacted to.  This diet requires patience and consistency.

The ability to do trial and error. If you can follow this rule you will find remission.  Don’t eat what doesn’t make you feel great. 

Sometimes it is quantity.  Not just the amount of 1 food but the amount of all the foods. 

Sometimes you cannot do OMAD-1 meal a day.  Everyone is different.  You might have to eat 2, 3 , 4 or 6 times a day.

I started out paleo because I could not be consistent before I could go the the Paleo AIP diet. 

Always keep a food journal with your symptoms afterwards.  Sometimes you might have delayed symptoms or delayed reactions 3-4 days later.   You don’t know.  



You Do No Have to Live Like This