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I offer autoimmune programs for those who have this inflammatory disease.  I acheived my autoimmune remission goal of losing the horrific symptoms. 

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I offer individual online coaching for your needs. 

Join my weekly group sessions for support. 

Buy my book on how I lost my autoimmune after years of misery. 

Invite me to speak at your event.  Let’s get together!

What is My Job as Your Coach?

I am a AutoImmune Coach on top of my own autoimmune condition that is in remission.     I specialize in helping autoimmune people by developing a strategy to promote the healing of autoimmune symptoms.  My job is to help you reach that goal in your wellness journey.   

How Does This Work?

My different autoimmune programs are for healing autoimmune conditions. You can reach out to me via email.     I  offer one on one coaching, group coaching classes once every other week or event speaking.   My book features my story of autoimmune remission and how I achieved it through food,  lifestyle, mental and physical adjustments.  We can determine your needs and how I can help you.